Евгений Войнов (tritankista) wrote in lj_live,
Евгений Войнов

Yay I'm happy. because I just finished talking to Jess :) She made my day. Talking to her and seeing her via skype makes it seem like she never left. Sigh, but amongst all the great people I know, no one could ever beat her. She's the best and I'm always myself around her. Well not that I'm not myself around other people, it's just that she's someone that I can really do silly things with, crazy stuff, uncensored stuff... ya, so with her, it's really a breathe of fresh air for me. Oh and apparently my future husband will be a romantic and sweet loving guy called Jason. How awesome is that.

Feels like such a lazy day. I need to unpack and pack my room. Again. and when will I get a haircut? Is it so difficult to get a haricut?? urgh. It is.

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