Евгений Войнов (tritankista) wrote in lj_live,
Евгений Войнов

Chapter 3-Addendum

Ok.  I was showering and got the message that I need to share this.  I often get messages in the shower or bath.  Water is a conduit for energy (God is love-which is the highest vibrational energy) and our mind is in a receptive meditative state.  I think I get messages because I have proven that I will deliver messages.  

I had a dream last night.  I was in the bathroom (a cleansing place) with two of my sisters.  They noticed a bruise (represents wound) on my leg (legs give us balance) the sister I was closest to (she had similar abilities) reached out for my leg.  She said let me help you.  It was a bruise that was forming into a traffic light.  You know red, yellow, green (choices-stop, pause, go) and she began to draw in the lines of the bruise to form it completely (creative endeavor).  After this I began to wash my legs as they watched (cleansing-balancing).  

You interpret this one.  I helped a bit.

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